Band: Refresh

When I founded Close Focus, I knew the idea of a ‘brand’ was important and that the image it portrayed would reflect my business and how it worked.

The truth is, when I started 18 months ago I hadn’t settled on what that image was going to look like, because the vison for the business wasn’t set.

Move forward 18 months and now I get to articulate it.

Close-Focus-Logo-SymbolAs we present our new brand image I wanted to explain what the ‘trike’ is all about.

As I was talking through what sustainability meant to me with our designer, sustainability became not ‘the end’, but a means to an end. Or, the journey, not the destination.

Sustainability as a business concept only works if the right people are pulling together, if everyone has and knows their role and if the connections between commerce and ecology are in harmony. That’s why there is an inter connection between the ecology, in green, and the commerce in orange.

But why the linkages?

Then linkagesClose-Focus-Logo represent connection, not just between concepts of economy and ecology but also between people, functions and businesses. The further the links go the more interconnected and overlapping the ideas of commerce and ecology get. It’s all connected.

The last part is under the radar, I am passionate about putting everything I know into practice. The tagline says  ‘Practical Sustainability’.

As the links suggest there is more to Close Focus than consulting, there is another link.

As I continue to build the company, the development of products, backed by our approaches to sustainable product development, will appear. By creating quality, sustainably developed, products we can continue prove the methods we champion.

I was extremely lucky to work with Rick Smith of Smith Design Agency in developing the brand identity. Rick is both a talented designer and has a razor sharp appreciation of branding and how it relates to the presentation of the company, our values and goals.

We sincerely hope you like our new brand and come to associate it with quality of service and innovation that surprises and delights. Continuing to reflect our values of Integrity, Innovation and Care that will define Close Focus for years to come.