…Back in 2010, when we traded as Close Focus Consulting, the first contract was with global synthetic diamond materials group Element Six. At their Shannon site in Ireland we started a 5-year journey that would take us across the globe, supporting projects to improve operator safety, embed best in class practice and improve the sustainability profile of the company.

At the start of 2013 I put Close Focus Consulting on hold and accepted a new leadership role as Head of Health, Safety and Environment for the Element Six Group. Here I supported sites from Silicon Valley in the US to Wuxi in China and Tokyo in Japan, and from Northern Sweden to Johannesburg in South Africa and quite a few points in between. I led the delivery of integration programmes with our parent companies, the DeBeers and Anglo American Groups, and within the E6 Group, led the reduction of safety incident rates, improved occupational health and supported new approaches to waste and resource management, leading a significant sustainability cultural change across the function.

During that time, I was fortunate to work with many passionate and committed experts from the fields of safety, occupational health and hygiene, environmental and social sustainability, across a wide range of industries and stakeholders. This open my eyes to what could be achieved with the right technical input, innovative process and the right people motivation.

In mid-2015 I returned home to Northern Ireland to re think Close Focus and what we could do better to serve our customers and partners.

Equipped with a new understanding and new skills, Close Focus Consulting became Close Focus Limited. With the same mission but a broader scope and a greater, more focused, sense of purpose.

Located 15 minutes from Belfast City Airport and 90 minutes from Dublin, we are ideally placed to serve clients across UK and Ireland.

I sincerely hope you like what you see, and allow us to help you on your journey to a more sustainable business.

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A Mechanical Engineer by training, Frank graduated from the Ulster University in 1998 with a HND in Mechanical, Manufacturing and Design engineering, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management from the Open University.

After university Frank spent nearly 10 years in highly regulated industries as a Product Development Engineer in the Medical Device and Scientific Instrumentation sectors. Following an 18 month period in Technical Sales with Industrial Automation supplier, Festo AG, Frank started a Technical Consultancy business, Close Focus Consulting, which led to his global role as group Head of Health, Safety and Environment with the Element Six Group, the global leader is synthetic diamond super materials.

Throughout his career Frank has been a member of the UK Institute of Leadership and Management and Engineers Ireland and, more recently, the UK’s Institution for Environmental Professionals, IEMA.

A certified trainer, Frank holds technical qualifications in management systems auditing, occupational health and safety, and environmental management.

Frank lives in Co Down, Northern Ireland with his partner Ruth and their Great Dane, Phoebie.