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CSR Compliance

Corporate and Social Responsibility is the essence of a sustainable business.

Perhaps the most important role of your CSR process is to provide confidence to your suppliers, staff, customers and your investors that you are doing the right things by doing things right.

At Close Focus we assemble the puzzle of Safety, Health, Supply Chain, Environmental Management and doing right in our communities together in one coherent package.

We act as your guide through the maze of jargon so the sustainability story you tell is consistent with your values and your achievements.

A good story will help keep you competitive, but a great story will keep you at the forefront of your business.

Resource and Environmental Sustainability

We are passionate about maximising the potential of the circular economy. We believe in the potential for every waste stream to be a resource stream.

By adopting our holistic resource management approach, you can unlock the true value of your physical resources, including energy, fuel, water and raw materials.

This will significantly reduce costs and reduce your environmental footprint, creating the story of your environmental sustainability journey.

Health & Safety

The safety and wellbeing of everyone connected to our activities is at the core of our company, and our skillset, Close Focus offer a H&S compliance health check across your business. We can provide management briefings tailored to your industry keeping you up to date with the issues that matter to you.

Safety is a TEAM EVENT.

We help your leaders become safety leaders

We offer training and coaching on behavioural safety so your managers and supervisors can get your safety vision across to your teams with confidence, clarity and conviction.

And we help your staff become safety leaders

We offer safety engagement training for staff so that they can proactively prevent injuries and become advocates for safety becoming real safety leaders.

Because everyone is a safety leader

Technical Auditing

Understanding the integrity of your supply chain is at the heart of your ability to prove your source materials and services are complying with your need for supply chain sustainable practice.

At Close Focus we offer a competitive, tailored business to business auditing service to improve confidence across your supply chain. Unlike traditional certification schemes which are prevented from providing consultancy during the audit phase, our value add service promotes you as sustainable brand to your suppliers and helps them comply with your requirements.

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