Helpful Things – Drivers – How to save fuel and cut co2 emissions

Drivers, here are my top 5 tips for saving fuel and being greener when on the road..

Not everyone can drive a Hybrid or electric vehicle to keep our emissions down and conserve fuel, so here are my top 5 tips for saving fuel when on the road…

empty_tank_save_fuel5. Check your tires – under inflated tires can increase road friction, wearing quicker and adding an extra 3% to your fuel bill. Check manufacturers recommendations for the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

4. Check your speed – 70mph will use between 20% and 30% more fuel than doing 50mph. Check your vehicle handbook for optimum efficient cruising speeds.

3. Smooth driving in the correct gear – use of gears can make huge savings on your fuel bill of up to 15% and having a heavy foot can increase your consumption by up to 60%.

2. Map your journey – quite a few people i’ve met over the years are convinced they know the shortest and quickest way to some place. Check your thinking on google maps or a sat-nav, you might find those extra miles that are costing you fuel and bring you closer to your next service. You will notice this at the start and finish of journeys, short trips, and around towns and cities, and even that time when you forgot that thing and had to double back … it all adds up.

and numero uno??

1. Avoid short trips – most short trips are around 2km, that’s shorter than dog walking distance for most people. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, like the school run or the weekly shop, but those little trips in-between are what adds to the mileage.


This is sound advice whether you are driving personally or professionally. Practical driver training courses are available to help with safe and efficient driving that can help save on fuel costs and cut carbon emissions.

To see if a safe and efficient driver strategy can help your business save cost an reduce your companies carbon footprint contact us here for a free initial consultation.